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What is N10?

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

N10 specializes in managing data with high Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity (the 4Vs of Big Data). By examining such complex yet valuable information, we help organizations turn massive data into actionable insights.

Machine Learning

& Machine Learning

N10 builds its analytical models dynamically. As new data enters the system, the models continuously adapt on its own to the changed environment. This helps N10 discover hidden insights without being told where to look.

Cloud Computing

on the Cloud

N10 runs as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, where users can access it with just a browser over the Internet. All data is stored, managed and analyzed securely using N10 servers in our cloud network.

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Why N10?

Greater visibility and speed

Go further and faster with data intelligence

Send data into the N10 cloud and let us do the work for you. We help to oversee your infrastructure and provide visibility to your data, so that you can get the answers to your questions quickly.

Discover more with Machine Learning

Data, with the right technologies and tools, can also do much more than answering questions. Our goal is to uncover hidden insights in massive data sets, by using Machine Learning techniques that can think and process beyond human scale.
Uncover hidden possibilities with Machine Learning
Adapt readily on the Cloud

Adapt to changing needs with our Cloud

N10 platform is elastic and scalable. A cloud-based solution like ours can readily adapt to your application needs. And the platform enables on-demand configurations that add flexibility and control to your business.

How can N10 help you?

Log Search and

N10 can collect and parse huge amounts of log data efficiently, to generate relevant report summaries with quantifiable indicators so that businesses can gain valuable insights into their logs almost instantly.

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Network Operations Management

N10 can measure the performance of your network interfaces across time, by quantifying metrics relevant to your infrastructure and business needs. The platform can also correlate events to provide additional intelligence for effective management of network operations.

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Network Security Enhancements

N10 can trace and classify URLs that are used to access Internet resources through the network. With that information, it can identify and restrict access to potentially malicious files and servers.

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