How It Works

1) Data at Entry

When data is generated at various input or storage machines, such as in sensors, servers and databases, it is dynamically sent over to our platform agent - SecureForwarder. The agent then performs preliminary processing of the data to organize, compress and prepare it for secure transmission over the Internet.

2) Data in Motion

Similar to the traditional ETL pipeline, our platform agent - SecureForwarder, obtains critical data from incoming sources and sends it in JSON format over the HTTPS protocol. This permits secure communication through network firewalls, by authenticating the parties involved and protecting the privacy and integrity of the information exchanged.
Neuro10 Platform Architecture

3) Data on Cloud

Data collectors on the N10 cloud receive the incoming data over HTTPS, and organize it for various processing and storage tasks. Appropriate Data Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms are then applied on these data sets, both at real-time and batch level. The output is then delivered in real-time to relevant users.

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