Why Neuro10

Greater visibility and speed

Manage your machine data competently for Greater Visibility and Speed

Send data into the N10 cloud and let us do the work for you. We help to oversee your infrastructure and provide visibility to your data, so that you can get the answers to your questions quickly.
  • Effective system assessment and monitoring
  • Intelligent alert reporting
  • Targeted troubleshooting

Uncover hidden possibilities with Machine Learning

Deep dive with Machine Learning to Uncover Hidden Possibilities

Data, with the right technologies and tools, can also do much more than answering questions. Our goal is to uncover hidden insights in massive data sets, by using Machine Learning techniques that can think and process beyond human scale.
  • Automatic anomaly detection
  • Log mining for knowledge discovery
  • Dynamic self-adaptation

Adapt readily on the Cloud

Adapt readily on our Cloud to Meet Dynamic Business Needs

N10 platform is elastic and scalable. A cloud-based solution like ours can readily adapt to your application needs. And the platform enables on-demand configurations that add flexibility and control to your business.
  • Load balancing
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Granular configuration control

Manage data of diverse forms

Systematically organize, understand and manage Data of Diverse Forms

We welcome machine data from any source, structured or unstructured. Data is ingested in its raw form, then indexed to optimize storage and retrieval. And when answers are needed, our schema adaptation technologies help to contextualize important information to deliver meaningful insights just when you need them.

Consolidated on a single platform interface

Multiple machines and networks consolidated in a Single Platform Interface

Complex information from various machines and huge networks is unified and simplified on a single platform. Get direct access to valuable and usable knowledge about your machines, updated in real-time. We break down silos to encourage collaborative tasks such as correlation, cross-debugging and data fusion – made possible with our platform aggregation technologies.

Advanced security

High performance with Advanced Security

Confidentiality, integrity, availability – we got them all covered. Encryption technologies are applied to protect the secrecy of your information, while built-in integrity checks ensure data accuracy. Reliable managed access to the system is also made possible with the high uptime guarantee of our cloud platform as well as an integrated Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) scheme.

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