Neuro10 In Action

Use Cases

Data Centre Monitoring

N10 can provide smarter system monitoring solutions. Its anomaly detection module can continuously learn system behaviours from data and adapt itself accordingly so that users do not have to manually change threshold levels for monitoring.

Operations Management in Banks

It has become a top priority (and challenge) for banks to continuously improve and expand its business processes with digital adoption. N10's AI engine can help to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of banks' operations in risk assessment and payment processing.

Log Search and Reporting

N10 can collect and parse huge amounts of log data efficiently, to generate relevant report summaries with quantifiable indicators so that businesses can gain valuable insights into their logs almost instantly.

Log Monitoring and Alerts

N10 can automatically detect deviations in system behaviour, and intelligently assess the extent of risk and damage these warning signs could lead to. And if the situation is critical, alerts will be raised for timely intervention.

Network Operations Management

N10 can measure the performance of your network interfaces across time, by quantifying metrics relevant to your infrastructure and business needs. The platform can also correlate events to provide additional intelligence for effective management of network operations.

Network Security Enhancements

N10 can trace and classify URLs that are used to access Internet resources through the network. With that information, it can identify and restrict access to potentially malicious files and servers.

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