Log Monitoring and Alerts

Machines can produce massive amounts of log data, often up to millions or even billions of records in just an hour. It is an increasing challenge for organisations to effectively monitor their logs and be alerted before issues occur and losses are incurred.


Be in Touch with your Logs

Whether in sickness or in health, organisations should always remain aware of the status of their systems. That requires constant monitoring of machine-generated log data, which traditionally has been a labour-intensive job. N10 relieves users of the manual work so that they can spend more time on other value-added activities. Our log aggregation tools help to consolidate logs into appropriate formats that can quickly provide a high-level overview of the data so that users can always focus on what is relevant and important. And when deviations in system behaviour are automatically detected, N10 alerts users so that issues can be timely resolved. This improves mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and hence system availability.

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