Log Search and Reporting

Log data records the behaviour of systems, networks and other IT environments. It could provide valuable information about the operations of any organisation, only if it is managed and utilised well. Organisations often find it challenging to manage the collection, storage and visualisation of their logs, hence underutilising the data to support bigger business objectives.


A Search Engine for Logs

Send logs into the N10 cloud for better visibility to the data, so that organisations can get the right answers to their questions quickly. N10 welcomes machine data from any source, structured or unstructured. Data is ingested in its raw form, then indexed to optimize storage and retrieval. And when answers are needed, our schema adaptation technologies help to contextualise important information to deliver meaningful insights just when they are needed. Users may query and report historical log data anytime from the platform itself for various purposes, such as system troubleshooting and compliance reporting.


Report Logs like a Pro

We don’t have to be data scientists to understand data, we just need the right tools to help us with the job. N10 aims to help uncover hidden insights in massive data sets, with Machine Learning techniques that can think and process beyond human scale. For example, log mining can discover implicit patterns in logs even without human intervention. This allows N10 to correlate logs in real-time according to recurring topics, also known as topic modeling. This improves the log reporting process by helping users to organise log data quickly and effectively. N10 also comes with data visualisation features that help users better understand and convey information derived from the data.

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Search your logs with multiple filters (e.g. by fields, tags or keys)

See the geographical source of your logs

See top processes from your logs