Network Operations Management

As machines begin to interact with one another more extensively, we get machine networks that grow not only in size but also in complexity. Yet, more organisations rely on these machine networks in their daily operations than ever before. Such mission-critical networks need to be properly managed and maintained, otherwise the risks and losses may be immense in the case of performance drops or system failures.


Get Operational Intelligence on your Networks

The N10 platform ingests data from various sources, such as server performance metrics, and combines them with three main types of analytics to provide a holistic understanding of organisational networks. The three types of analytics are descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

1. Descriptive analytics help us discover “what has happened?” – As the name suggests, this category of analytics “describes” past events by translating raw data into human-readable information, such as graphs and charts. This helps users make sense of network behaviour from historical data.

2. Predictive analytics help us discover “what could happen?” – By modeling network behaviour based on past events, this category of analytics “predicts” the occurrence of events into the future. This alerts users of potential red flags in their networks so that network faults can be timely resolved or even prevented.

3. Prescriptive analytics help us discover “what should be done?” – With optimisation and simulation techniques, this category of analytics “prescribes” recommendations that are likely to fulfil users’ objectives within specified resource constraints. It also simulates outcomes based on predefined network environment and events, which can support users in their decision-making process.


Real-Time and Within a Single Interface

Complex information from various machines and huge networks is unified and simplified on a single platform. Users can get direct access to valuable and usable knowledge about their machines, updated in real-time. N10 breaks down silos to encourage collaborative tasks, such as correlation, cross-debugging and data fusion, with our platform aggregation technologies. This streamlines training and workflow, which improves organisational agility and resource efficiency.

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