Network Security Enhancements

As organisations become increasingly reliant on machine networks, it becomes highly critical to protect their systems against misuse and attack. But that is no easy task. Not only do organisations have to get their network and security teams to talk, it also requires existing systems to provide the infrastructure to implement and support these network security measures. Security vulnerabilities also evolve very quickly over time, which challenges the ability of organisations to keep pace while being busy running their core operations.


Keep Malicious URLs at Bay

N10 can trace and classify URLs that are used to access Internet resources through the network. With that information, it can identify and restrict access to potentially malicious files and servers.


Flag Suspicious User Behaviour

With advanced user profiling and event monitoring techniques, N10 can model regular activities carried out by specific users of a system. From this baseline (which is customised to each organisation), N10 can identify user activities that deviate from normal and flag them as suspicious behaviour. Such user behaviour analytics (UBA) employ big data and machine learning technologies to perform these complex computations in near-real time.

N10 Preview

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